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Heal Your Mind Heal Your World


The following meditation sessions have been created to assist you in transforming yourself into the person you want to be. The power comes from you believing that you can change. Your own belief system, and your decision to heal and truly let go, will ultimately be what is responsible for your success and joy in your life. This is a choice you have made for yourself. Thank you for allowing me to help you. My hope is that daily you will be filled with the love, peace, and joy that you truly deserve.


The Benefits of Healing Meditations

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have discovered that past trauma, addictions, anger, etc.. are all issues and concerns that stop people from fully enjoying their lives. We all deserve to be happy and successful, but our experiences keep us from realizing, accepting, and understanding our unlimited potential. These meditation recordings have been created to heal. Through deep relaxation, the subconscious mind can be cleared of anything that may be keeping you from true success in any area of your life. The following is a list of meditation recordings that can be combined to create the ultimate relaxation recording that best fits your need for healing. Complete meditation recordings of each issue individually can also be purchased easily by selecting the Full Version option.

Build Your Own Healing Meditation Session

Your purchase will automatically include the Introduction, which puts you in the relaxed state required for true healing. Then you select as many of the individual recordings you would like to put together, such as Smoking Elimination and Patience. The Relaxed Yet Alert Ending, or The Sleep Ending can then be added to make your complete meditation session.


Full Versions

Full Versions are complete healing meditation sessions that already include the Introduction, and the one item selected, with The Relaxed Yet Alert Ending. If you would like to just get a complete version of just one issue at a time, the full version selection is available.




Meditation Session Sample

This is a sample of one of my meditation recordings. It has been modified to last only 1:50 instead of the 10-15 minutes of a regular session.

Click here to listen to a sample meditation session Sample-Meditation-Weight - by Karleen Shuster

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