The Forgiveness meditation recording will assist you in releasing any un-forgiveness that you may still be holding onto. Forgiving others does not mean that what they did is okay. Forgiveness allows us to release our anger and emotions associated with the situation.

Weight Loss / Healthy Habits

The Weight Loss meditation recording will assist you in controlling your eating habits, and  in discovering the best ways for you to feel your best.

Test Anxiety

The Test Anxiety meditation recording will assist you in eliminating any anxiety you may have about taking tests of any kind.

Smoking Elimination

The Smoking Elimination meditation recording will assist you in quitting smoking. Once you have decided you are ready to quit, associating smoking with something you truly dislike will increase your control over your desire to ever smoke again.


The Patience meditation recording will help you to control your moods, and it will assist you in becoming more patient throughout your day.

Loving Relationships

The Loving Relationships meditation recording assists you in allowing yourself to focus on the type of loving relationships you desire for yourself. This meditation recording will assist you in improving all your relationships.

Joy / Happiness

The Joy meditation recording focuses on allowing more joy and happiness into your life.

Grief / Loss

The Grief meditation recording will help you release feelings of loss. Whether it is over a death, or a loss of a relationship, this mediation will help you to move forward and let go of your grief.

Giving Birth

The Giving Birth meditation recording was created to assist pregnant moms that may feel anxious during the delivery process. The more you are relaxed, the easier it will be.


The Focus meditation recording is beneficial for anyone that wants to be able to focus their attention better. Whether it is to help you at work, school, or home, you will find the better you can focus on the present, the better your life will be.