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by Janel on Karleen Shuster
Compassionate Advocate

Karleen was a consummate professional while helping my child, but what really impressed me about her was how she genuinely connected with my child and helped me to advocate for her in court. I would strongly recommend Karleen to anyone dealing with the fallout that can occur from family court issues-- she's the BEST!

by Megan on Karleen Shuster
Anxiety Relief and Giving Birth

I came to Karleen at 5 months pregnant with a history of high anxiety, phobias, and panic attack disorder. Without my medication it was very difficult for me, but with her counseling, support and guided meditations she was a lifesaver. I delivered a healthy baby boy by C-section and the whole experience went very well. The above resources had a big impact on my experience and I will be forever grateful to Karleen.

by Sheila on Karleen Shuster
Test Anxiety Success

A couple of months ago, I had a very important test to take. After 2 failed attempts at this test I felt defeated and really wanted to give up. I spoke to Karleen about my troubles and she suggested that I try the Test Anxiety Meditation. I gave it a try and it really calmed my nerves. Taking the time to breath and relax when I came across a difficult problem really helped. I did not think it would be that simple but it is and it worked. I would highly recommend this Test Anxiety Meditation recording to anyone that struggles with stress during a test. You will not be disappointed!!! Thanks you so much Karleen

by Sonya on Karleen Shuster
Very Relaxing

I have been listening to Karleen's Clear Your Mind meditation for the past few years and her voice is so soothing it really does help clear my mind so I can drift off into a peaceful sleep. I definitely notice a difference between when I listen to it and when I don't!

by Amelia on Karleen Shuster
Highly Recommended

Karleen's guided meditations are definitely worth listening to! I've been with Karleen for over four years and the techniques that I have learned by doing these in the office and at home have helped me learn to cope with everyday stress and anxiety.
I can honestly tell you that I'm so grateful to Karleen for her help/kindness. If you really put her advice into practice you will definitely be changed for the better and grow as a person. She truly has a gift!

by Tanya on Karleen Shuster
Highly Recommended

I was introduced to Karleen's guided meditations several years ago and they have helped me tremendously. No matter what the concerns or issues in my life, meditation gives me a tangible tool to calm my mind and focus on positive thoughts. Being able to access this quiet place gives me the emotional space to deal much more effectively with all aspects of my life by retraining my emotional responses to stress and anxiety. I highly recommend these meditations to anyone who wants to experience that same peace of mind.

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