There is customized clothing, customized furniture, customized jewelry, customized meals, and even customized cars, but have you ever heard of customized online meditations?

Customized online healing meditation is a one-of-a-kind service. Clients can select from among a list of meditation recordings and put together as many as they like. It’s like creating your own therapy album based on your priority of needs.

Each meditation recording in the catalog is tailor fit to a particular issue that you want addressed, whether it is about channeling abundance, eliminating an addiction, regaining confidence, practicing patience and forgiveness, managing anxiety and anger or getting into a healthier lifestyle.

Among the most commonly purchased custom healing meditations are the Weight Loss/Healthy Habits, Test Anxiety, Smoking Elimination and Physical Healing series.

The Weight Loss/Healthy Habits recording will assist the listener in controlling eating habits, and in discovering the best ways to feel their best. The Test Anxiety series helps test takers feel more confident about taking on major examinations, while Smoking Elimination helps smokers who want to quit stay firm on their resolution. The Physical Healing recording will aid in empowering the body to start healing. It complements the healing process by calming the mind and reinforcing belief in the body’s natural ability to heal and foster wellness. This series has been cited by listeners for helping them with faster and better recovery results.

Benefits of healing meditations

The meditation recordings are specifically designed to help people transform themselves into better versions of themselves. It is rooted in the simple yet often forgotten fact that the power to change is inherent in each individual. This power can be harnessed through a person’s belief system, decision making processes and general disposition.

Healing Meditation recordings help listeners achieve deep relaxation, during which the subconscious mind can be cleared of distractions and barriers that keep away true peace, joy and success. The healing meditations are also extremely beneficial for people who want to heal, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Customized therapy for all types of needs

Everyone suffers from their own unique situation. Which is why this website allows the client to create their own meditation session based on their needs. For example, pregnant women who are anxious about the delivery can create a series with Giving Birth, a recording designed to assist and calm expecting mothers especially the first timers, followed by Fear Elimination, and Loving Relationships, to help them focus on the positive angles such as family and new beginnings.

Meanwhile, stressed corporate professionals will also benefit from a recorded series that addresses common work-related issues. Meditation recordings such as Anxiety Relief, Focus, Patience, Physical Health, and Joy/Happiness can be part of this series.

People who are coping with trauma, grief or loss can also use custom-made meditation recordings to more quickly and effectively move on. Forgiveness, Grief/Loss, Anger Management, and Faith/Optimism are some of the recommended recordings for this type of need.

How to customize your own meditation series

Select the recordings that you want. For instance, you can start with Smoking Elimination, followed by Anxiety Relief, Confidence/Self-Esteem, and capped off by either the Relaxed Yet Alert or Sleep ending.

Every purchase of a series will automatically include the introduction, which is the necessary first stage towards a relaxed state. It will be followed by all of the selected meditation recordings, in the same order as it was added in the cart during the online purchase. The ending will always automatically go to the end of the selection order.

Go to the catalog to find out more about the details and the price of each recording.If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly at


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